About Magic Pixie Publishing

Magic Pixie Publishing (MPP) is more than a traditional publishing company. We are a laboratory of creativity that brings together content creators from all disciplines to share their talents with the world at large. As champions of diversity, MPP’s Principals support artistic expression in all its forms, and are committed to publishing artwork that provokes thoughtful conversations amongst its viewers.

Our Story

Magic Pixie Publishing (MPP) was born out of a passion to inspire young readers to dream. This passion is based on a simple philosophy whereby dreams become hopes, hopes morph into goals, goals give rise to plans, plans lead to actions, and action yields achievement. From a farm in Blanchardville, WI Barb Paulsen dreamed of creating a vehicle that would help children reach the stars, and in doing so she created a world that introduces children to life’s essential lessons, delivered by a cadre of animated farm animals. From these humble beginnings, MPP has grown to publish various aspects of art - including traditional visual art, digital design, and music – in addition to books.

Our Mission

We believe in art as a bridge, and that storytelling has lived in our collective DNA since the dawn of mankind. Our mission is to promote art’s role as central to the human experience by publishing works that strengthen the fabric of society and bring us together to face the challenges of contemporary times.